Habitat Restoration Program Area Map and Reach Descriptions

The Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Program area consists of the 55-mile reach of the Kootenai River that extends from the confluence of the Moyie and Kootenai rivers downstream to the international border. It is divided into three major river reaches based on their unique geomorphic properties: the Braided Reaches, the Straight Reach and the Meander Reaches. The Braided and Meander reaches are each further divided into two subreaches.

  • There are two Braided Reaches. Braided Reach 1 extends nearly 4 river miles (RM 160.9 to RM 156.2) from the Moyie River confluence downstream to the upstream extent of the backwater influence from Kootenay Lake. Braided Reach 2 extends approximately 2.2 river miles (RM 156.2 to RM 152.7) from the upstream extent of the backwater, downstream to the U.S. Highway 95 Bridge.
  • The Straight Reach extends 1.1 river miles (RM 152.7 to RM 151.7) from the U.S. Highway 95 Bridge, downstream to Ambush Rock.
  • The combined Meander Reaches extend from the downstream end of Ambush Rock to Kootenay Lake. Meander Reach 1 begins at Ambush Rock and extends 9.7 river miles (RM 151.7 to RM 141.8) downstream to slightly below Shorty’s Island. Meander Reach 2 spans 35.5 miles (RM 141.8 to RM 105.9) from the end of Meander Reach 1 to the international border.

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