Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Program Master Plan
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The Tribe developed the Kootenai River Habitat Restoration Master Plan (Master Plan) to put in place a framework for river habitat restoration in the Idaho portion of the Kootenai River subbasin. The Master Plan sets the stage for the Tribe and its partners to identify, rank in order of priority, design, and implement habitat restoration actions.

In putting together the Master Plan, the Kootenai Tribe’s design team collected and analyzed large amounts of information and data to help them understand the historical and existing conditions in the Kootenai subbasin and the specific physical and biological characteristics of the river. They also identified the limiting factors related to fish and wildlife habitats (learn more about limiting factors). Based on this information, the team developed restoration strategies and habitat restoration treatments that could be used to address those limiting factors. The treatments were combined to form "habitat actions" that address all limiting factors within a reach, and then applied spatially as different "implementation scenarios" to provide examples of potential minimum, moderate, and maximum restoration levels of effort. These implementation scenarios were also used as a basis to develop initial cost estimates. The Master Plan also includes an adaptive management and monitoring program, a list of environmental compliance and consultation requirements, a funding analysis, and the specific actions that need to be accomplished in subsequent program phases.

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